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Selections from Jayadeva’s Gitagovinda
Translated by Andrew Schelling Designed & Printed by Ken Botnick
Selected by the American Institute of Graphic Arts for the 2007 “50 Books/ 50 Covers” exhibition

Emdash is pleased to offer this September, 2007 publication of this new edition of Jayadeva’s 1000-year old songs of love of Krishna and his consort Radha. These translations by noted poet & Sanskrit scholar Andrew Schelling are a departure in tone and content from previous academic translations. Schelling has selected 29 poems from the 12 cantos to reveal a poetry of desire & longing, sprituality & eroticism. Printed in English & Sanskrit, the book, employs 20 blues to capture the various manifestations of Krishna. Eleven images from North India were created by the printer and printed from relief plates. The images act less as illustrations of the poems than they do as an attempt to investigate the duality of male/female relationships, as well as looking into the elusive nature of Lord Krishna. Images printed on the verso first were then “drawn through” onto the front side, or recto, of the sheet by saturating the front side with multiple layers of ink after the initial image was printed. Most images are printed from polymer plates, but the endsheets are printed in multiple shades of blue monoprint. Hand-set Dante type on Bugra paper, 9 3/4 in x 11 3/8 in (upright) 42 printed pages, in an edition of 65 numbered copies, bound in boards covered with Kuzuryu printed papers. Signed by Schelling and Botnick. $800.